UR – in the City of Pécs

19 Apr

One sunny Sunday afternoon, we distributed the magazine in Pécs. Check out the places and people!

All photos by Bálint Rádoczy

Presentation at Nádor Galéria, Pécs, Part II

12 Apr

Presentation at Nádor Galéria, Pécs
Pictures by Bálint Rádóczy

Presentation at Nádor Galéria, Pécs, Part I

12 Apr

Presentation at Nádor Galéria, Pécs
Pictures by Wannatalka

Presentation at Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul

12 Apr

Here are some pics of the Presentation at Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul:

444m Alkotócsoport

24 Mar

444m Alkotócsoport (Orosz Klára, Palatinus Dóra, Horváth Csaba Árpád, Makra Zoltán)

Urban Structures – 2010

In 2010, Essen, Istanbul and Pécs were in the centre of cultural attention, as these cities were given the European Capital of Culture title for the duration of the year. It was in reaction to the cultural “field” demarcated by these cities and the CCE project itself that we created a water architecture concept. In addition to the visual structure of the cities, we also wished to emphasise not only their physical properties, but also their role as entities bearing cultural meaning and symbolic function.

The process of Essen, Istanbul and Pécs coming to occupy the same map inspired us to create the map system of a fictive city. After taking the structure of these three cities and superimposing individual details on each other, the thus formed layers produced a plastic art-like spatial fabric. The complexly segmented system clearly resembles its map predecessor; it is the envisioned structure of a town that never was. In each case, we selected the centres which defined the cities, and which through history have been established as their intellectual and cultural fulcrums. The sculpture was placed in front of the former Episcopal Palace of Pécs. The horizontal system of the map surrounded by planar surfaces effect a strong contrast with the Renaissance-age ruins.

The cityscapes appear with various depths. As the streets of Pécs have water flowing through them, its urban “circulatory system” has a more significant plasticity of 15 cm. Essen, on the other hand, was carved at 4cm, while Istanbul was sculpted with a depth of 2 cm.


Visual artwork: 444m Art Group
Klára Orosz, Dóra Palatinus, Csaba Árpád Horváth, Zoltán Makra

Architect: s73 Kft Studio of Landscape and Urban Design

The water sculpture is not in operation till this day. It stands covered in Tettye, above the Szatmáry ruins. No one has ever laid eyes on it. What prompted the work is no longer current. The reason for its creation has passed, without the public ever seeing the work.

All images and texts ©444m.


24 Mar

Image ©Atilkunst.

Clemens BEHR

24 Mar


Haltestelle Zollverein

Concrete Playground

All images ©Clemens Behr.

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